Specific anti-fall kerastase & Dermo-Calm

So many symptoms that must not be missed and that it is important to deal quickly. Inadequate hair cosmetics, successive colorations, stress and simply our general state of health can have a direct impact on the good health of our hair. That is why it is essential to treat them without delay by bringing them the most suitable tonic and repairing cocktail.

The right choice of care will also avoid passing through the box fatty roots and dry ends, relatively common. Because the health of your hair comes first, Kérastase and L’Oréal have developed a range of products specifically dedicated to the suffering hair. Thanks to specific Kérastase, Dermo-Calme, anti-dandruff and anti-fall treatments, this condition is no longer a fatality.

To soothe an irritated scalp

Although it does not seem very exposed, the skin of our skull is plagued by many torments.

As for the rest of the body it can be dry or oily, irritated, present redness, peeling and even crusts if you do not pay enough attention. In short, it is fragile and deserves the use of adapted care.

The moment of washing can also be a space of well-being, like turning into a dangerous area for the scalp, if it is poorly controlled. Too long exposure time, too much shampoo, excessive friction or rinse water at too high a temperature, all of which can cause the balance of the skull skin to be compromised.

In this case, the use of a washing bath without silicone is recommended. Think about the specific Dermo-calm bath 250 ml by Kérastase. Its ultra-soft formula is skin-friendly while the calophyllum oil it contains soothes the itch permanently.

More specific but perfectly complementary, the mask Hydra-Soothing without silicone with vitamin E and the essences of Moringa, leaves the hair nourished and rebalanced. After about 3 minutes, gently emulsify and rinse with warm water.

In case of intensive irritation, start by eliminating the cause, then treat yourself to the special soothing anti-discomfort cure. This four-week treatment, to be applied three times a week, will prove to be a real source of relief and beautification for your hair.

Fight against dandruff with the specific range

Do you know the most scientific name of dandruff? It’s about dander.

These dead skin cells are usually found on a scalp in poor condition, too dry or attacked by cheap or unsuitable products. They then take off the skull to fall by dozens or more on the shoulders of our clothes.

In the first place stress and fatigue can cause their sudden appearance. A bad diet can also come to play the spoilsport. But successive treatments such as smoothing, straightening or coloring accentuate the phenomenon either by precipitating its appearance, or by making the number of films more important

In order to counteract these effects and to compensate for a lack of nourishing care necessary for a hair in full health, Kérastase laboratories have developed the specific anti-dandruff bath .

Gentle with the hair, it uses the benefits of zync pyrithione and salicylic acid to cleanse and exfoliate the scalp, while targeting and eliminating each film on the skin. Also, discover the Kérastase Specific intensive anti-dandruff treatment, to be followed for a full month.

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