Shine for your colour-treated hair!

When they have just passed through the expert hands of the hairdresser and been coloured or highlighted, the hair is simply sublime. The warm or cold shades according to your tastes, shine and offer the admiring eyes their most beautiful reflections. However, a few weeks later you no longer find this extraordinary flamboyance and find your hair dull, it’s pretty reflections quickly disappeared. There are several reasons for this…

If your coloured hair looks grey, it is because it lacks the right care. The use of products designed for oily hair can also increase dryness due to colouring. Finally, exposure to the sun or excessive use of heated styling devices such as straighteners or curling irons can help to dull colored hair.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, the material needs to be fed intensively. To do this, we recommend the products in the Kérastase Chroma Riche range.

The Rich Chromatic Kérastase range for coloured hair

After colouring and especially if they are regularly coloured, hair has a high nutritional requirement. It then becomes essential to offer them care adapted to their condition, capable of providing them both good protection and sufficient nutrient abundance.

Designed for colour-treated and highlighted, dry and damaged hair, the Cheap Chromatic Rich Bath preserves the shine of the material while nourishing it intensely.

Thanks to its Capture Advanced system enriched with Chelators Complex, it develops both a quality sunscreen, but also a protection against water molecules, the first ones responsible for the degradation of your coloring. The vitamin E contained in this shampoo for colored hair, highlighted and very sensitized, revives all the light and offers them an incomparable softness.

Your hair beauty routine can then be supplemented by the weekly application of Chroma Riche Reflection Mask with Vitamin E. A genuine lightning emollient care with floral notes ideal for a delicious moment of relaxation, it leaves the colored hair resplendent with health, soft and silky to the touch. After 5 to 10 minutes of break on washed and dewatered hair, emulsify then rinse thoroughly. As a finishing touch, opt for the Fluid Chromatic Reflection without rinsing to apply to towel dried hair. Anti-frizz, it offers softness and suppleness to the hair, while protecting the fiber and the color durably.

Gestures to avoid on your colored hair

Even more than others, colored hair must be treated daily without waiting for the first signs of degradation.

Repetitive colors, wicks and discolorations tend to attack the hair fiber, which becomes fragile and dries up.

All the manipulations that will heat the hair are therefore to be avoided. If you can, let your hair dry in the open air. Otherwise, use warm or cold air to blow dry.

In the same way the hair straighteners and curling irons should not exceed the temperature of 180 ° C whether they are used on colored hair or not. Most of the time a temperature of 120 ° C is enough to print the desired movement in the hair without however risking to cause damage.

However, it is best to leave colored, highlighted or swept hair in their natural state. In the absence of long enjoyment of beautiful curls or smooth hair, they will tend, because of the heat, to become drier still, rough and tarnish quickly.

If the use of these hairdressing appliances is imperative, wait after washing that your hair is totally dry. The use of a spray or a thermal protective serum is also recommended.

Think for example of the double light-renewing serum or thermal cement 150 ml of the Kérastase Resistance range. Without rinsing, the one and the other apply on the lengths and the points for a ramming effect against the heat.

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