Kerastase Soleil: protect your hair from UV rays

Nothing is more pleasant than walking around with your hair in the wind in the middle of summer. Read more at Under the sun it is sunny, it is hot, the hair is beautiful and then reveals all its shine. However, if it is good for our morale, we cannot say that the sun is really beneficial for our hair.

UV rays have an unfortunate tendency to damage the material. In fact, they have the same drying effect here as on the skin. And it’s even worse if chlorine from swimming pools or salt from the ocean are involved. They strengthen and activate hair dehydration.

To protect them, the best solution is not to overexpose them or to wear a hat, a real physical barrier against solar radiation. In addition and for a total protection of your hair, it is important to use Kérastase sun care products by L’Oréal professional laboratories. Thanks to their active complex, they will build a real barrier for your hair against the external aggressions of summer.

Protect your hair from the sun

During the summer period, if you don’t want to end up with straw hair in the fall, it is essential to take care of your hair just as much as you take care of your skin.

Hair UV protection is indeed comparable to that which works when you apply sunscreen to your face before going to the beach. If this gesture is now a reflex for most of us, it must be the same for our hair.

So before you even go out and especially if your hair is coloured, curly or frizzy (and therefore drier), apply a protective and nourishing care that will sheath the hair fiber to preserve it. Do not hesitate to use this type of product daily, whether the exposure to the sun is long or not.

After a bath in seawater or swimming pool, the first reflex should be shampoo. Chosen extra-gentle, it will rid the fibre of the sand, salt and chlorine that have accumulated there, without damaging the scalp.

A rich conditioner, oil or mask can then be used for a sun-kissed routine full of nutrition. Thanks to their UV filters, they reconstitute the fibre in depth, protect the hair’s natural lipid barrier and facilitate styling. Finally, it is advisable to avoid over-stressing her hair.

At least every other day, styling products, curling or straightening irons and even complicated hairstyles are to be forgotten. Prefer to leave your hair as free as air. This way they will be able to rest and fully assimilate the care you provide.

Sunglasses at Kérastase

During the whole summer period, and even all year round if you can, prefer to air-dry your hair.

Similarly, smoothing irons or curling irons will only weaken the material already heated by the sun and the drier summer air a little more.

It is the ideal time to test the free mane, the bohemian bun worn high or low and its crazy locks, or on the contrary the braids plated on the skull which will keep your hair without using hairspray or styling products, not recommended at this time of year.

Cheap, the 250 ml after-sun bath replenishing cleanser offers you all the power of ceramides, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E derivative, to rebuild and repair weakened hair areas. Thanks also to its protective colour action, this shampoo guarantees you a soft, silky and shiny material all summer long. Delicate for the hair, it can be used every other day.

Also to slip into your bag and use several times a week, the Sun UV Defense Mask activates 200 ml. Enriched with ceramide, texturizing polymers and cationic silicone, it installs a real photo-defense filter around the hair. UV rays are then absorbed and their harmful effects on the material are greatly reduced.

The final touch can be provided by the CC sun cream, which nourishes, moisturizes and illuminates the hair, thanks in particular to safflower oil, ceramides and antioxidants, not to mention its illuminating pearlescent effect. Normal hair will also find their happiness in the application of the protective micro veil Kérastase Soleil anti photodegradation.

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