How to stop hair loss?

As men age, they tend to see their hair decrease and lose thickness. It can then be alopecia or baldness, the two conditions manifesting themselves in the same way, by a consequent and regular loss of hair. These are then less and less dense, the capillary mass weakens and the scalp becomes thinner.

In the majority of cases, alopecia is genetic, and therefore hereditary. However, a poor lifestyle, excessive fatigue or a period of intense stress can trigger hair loss. Before this observation or at the first signs of change, it becomes essential to pay particular attention to the scalp. If you wish to avoid partial or sometimes total loss of hair and preserve its capillary capital, certain actions are possible, particularly thanks to the use of the Kérastase Homme Capital Force range.

Stop hair loss as soon as it appears

If a thinning of the capillary mass is difficult to avoid over the years, it is quite possible to limit its appearance with a few simple actions and a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, don’t neglect your diet. It is the first provider of strength and energy to your hair. A varied diet will therefore ensure that you provide all the vitamins and minerals that the material needs to stay healthy. Fruits, vegetables and fibres are essential for your hair and the rest of your body.

Also, at least the hair is solicited, the easier it is to reconstitute itself.

So favour gentle and regular care, avoid overloading them with gel or lacquer and even wearing hats, caps or caps too often. Both prevent the hair from breathing.

For daily care, rely on conditioning, stimulating or densifying shampoos. They will not make your hair grow back but will prevent and slow down their fall durably

. Also, through the combined effect of their different active ingredients, shampoos, conditioners and other washing products provide strength and vitality to scalps that may be lacking.

This includes improving blood circulation. Several drug treatments exist with varying effectiveness and sometimes side effects that should not be overlooked.

Two hair transplant methods, the FUT Follicular Unit Transplant and the FUE Follicular Unit Extraction, give good results but at a financial cost that is better estimated upstream.

Strengthening treatments to preserve hair capital

If you think you are losing your hair, there are several signs that should alert you.

In the shower, on the brush, comb and even on the pillow, they usually appear in numbers. In fact, the more hair you have, the more you lose.

However, there was no hasty panic. Losing a few dozen hairs regularly is normal, especially if you brush them daily. However, beyond 50 to 100 hairs per day, or if they fall in mass, it is necessary to take charge quickly.

The use of appropriate hair care and sometimes the consultation of a specialist dermatologist may be essential.

Kérastase laboratories have created a range of products specially designed for the needs of men’s hair. Formulated with taurine and D-biotine for hair redensification, and arginine and ginseng for scalp stimulation and blood circulation, 250 ml vita-energizing shampoo strengthens the hair’s capital.

To be applied daily, it leaves hair toned, vigorous and shiny.


In addition, for men who want to take care of their hair until the time they comb their hair, the Ultra-Fixant Densifier 200 ml gel creates a real anti-shock barrier with an amplifying effect for the material.

With its strong and long-lasting fixation, it can be used by simply heating a small amount of product between the fingers.


Finally, for greater losses and deep revitalization needs, the Densifique Homme density activator cure is applied at the rate of one pipette per day for three months. Its formula with complex glycane and stemoxydine helps you considerably to recover your usual capillary volume.

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