How to protect your hair when shampooing?

Shampoo is the most common and regular care you will give your hair throughout its lifetime. Not only does it take part in their hygiene, but it is also the basis of their well-being routine.

It is often complemented by the application of a detangling conditioner, a nutritive mask or a serum with a targeted action.

Unfortunately, shampoo is often used too often. Beyond two to three washings per week it can weaken the hair, in particular by weakening the cuticle.

Thus weaknesses become more visible, oily hair produces more sebum, dry hair becomes rough while already dull hair loses even more shine. This is why it is essential not only to let the hair rest between each shampoo but also to choose the product most adapted to its nature.

How to wash your hair properly

Often cited for its greasy effect on the scalp, sebum has a main function, however, that of protecting the hair material. This is why too frequent washing is harmful. They strip hair by preventing it from naturally recreating its protective barrier.

That said, if it is absolutely essential for you to wash your hair daily, rest assured, the ultra-gentle Ultimate Elixir bath with precious oils is there for you.

To wash your hair properly, the first step is to brush it thoroughly. The more they are untangled before, the less you will have to pull your hair afterwards. Especially since wetting them will only make it more difficult. Brushing also helps to remove dust and residues, such as styling products, from the material.

Then choose the treatment that best suits the requirements of your hair. In need of nutrition, dry hair will appreciate the reconstructive effect of Force Architecte, Magistral or Therapist baths. If your mane is more of an undisciplined style, the Fluidéaliste and Oléo-Relax baths will suit it perfectly.

Kérastase baths

Be careful not to choose a shampoo that may weigh down your hair or produce only a very limited and not very visible.

Hair dry and irritated scalp will be well worth buying the bath Dermo-Calm Riche 250 ml without silicone. With him, the hair is soft and light, the scalp fresh and soothed. The discomfort or itching is sometimes caused by hormonal imbalance or intense fatigue.

In this case, the Specific Bath Divalent to vitamin B6 and glycerin, will regulate the production of sebum, cleanse the scalp and feed the dry ends, for a healthy and purified hair.

In addition or alternately, the specific anti-dandruff bath cheap, acts on the problems of dander. Dandruff fat or dry, its anti-recurrence action will make them disappear for a long time.

Hair loss causes you concern or you want to act in prevention before even notice the first clarification on your skull? The Densifique Densité and Densifique Density Density Baths with plumping and regenerative actions, give a second wind to the hair that has a tendency to fade. Thanks in particular to stemoxydine and texturizing polymers, they give them back the volume they lacked so much.

This is also the case of the Volumifique bath thickening effect. For soft hair and dull appearance, it brings vigor and regeneration deep in the fiber.

Alternately, the crystal bath without paraben and without dye, is an excellent provider of brightness.

Finally, if the dryness comes rather from the regular use of a coloration, the Chromatic baths or Chromatic Rich, hold the solution.

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