How to fight against hair loss?

Hair loss concerns above all men in whom it is almost inevitable. While alopecia or baldness are generally hereditary, this phenomenon can also be caused by hormonal or thyroid imbalance, poor lifestyle, prolonged stress or chronic fatigue.

However, women also experience this type of discomfort, especially after pregnancy or a period of intense examinations.

To overcome this type of problem, it is advantageous to think about the effects of a varied and balanced diet beforehand, but also to use the right products. To this end, the Kérastase Spécifique Aminexil hair loss ranges provide the necessary care for hair that is losing density. They are able to reduce and stop the fall permanently.

The right attitudes to stop hair loss

To have beautiful hair, it is not enough to wash it two or three times a week and brush it daily.

It is essential to learn how to wash them well and to take advantage of this moment of care to stimulate the scalp. It is indeed through it that hair health largely depends.

While shampoo is essential to rid hair of impurities such as dust, sand, pollution, chlorine or hair styling residues, it should not be too frequent, otherwise the material will be damaged. You can take advantage of this time to undertake a skull massage that will stimulate blood microcirculation and bulb irrigation for better regrowth.

Nevertheless, it is useless to rub the scalp too vigorously at the risk of damaging the material. Finish by rinsing with cold water tightens the scales and ensures a shiny hair.

On a daily basis, diet plays a major role in the beauty of hair, nails and skin. It is advisable to avoid foods that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet for regular consumption. Similarly, an excess of coffee, red meat or rich meals (which can cause hair loss) has a bad influence on your body (weight gain, excess sebum, pimples…) and therefore on your hair.

On the contrary, fatty fish such as salmon, herring or red mullet, eggs and proteins found in cereals and legumes, for example, are beneficial to them. Do not hesitate to use and abuse it throughout the year.

In addition, cures of one to three months of vitamins B, PP and/or zinc may play an interesting role. Zinc in particular helps to limit hair breakage, increase its resistance, but also to slow down its premature ageing. It is therefore more than advisable to consume it at the first signs of alopecia to stop hair loss but also to strengthen the hair shaft in the bulb.

Kérastase anti-hair loss ranges

In addition to a healthier lifestyle, Kérastase products by L’Oréal allow you to fight against the daily fall of your hair.

The purchase of the specific antibacterial soothing and regulating anti-bacterial Pro-Actif System shampoo prevents the risks of falling while delicately treating the scalp.

Without silicone it can be used regularly to boost the hair mass in its entirety. Once a week its use will be completed by that of the 200 ml hydra-soothing mask with vitamin E and L-carnosine and moringa complex. Apply from the height of the head to the ends, this care brings comfort and lightness to the scalp with problems more inclined to see their hair fall.

Finish with the Stimulist-specific spray without spray 125 ml in application on the whole of the hair. With vitamin PP and stimulating arginine, nourishing Gluco-Lipid GL and anti-aging aminexil, it reinforces the preventive treatment against hair loss and thinning.

To treat a more specific hair loss, Kérastase and L’Oréal put at your disposal the anti-fall hair care treatment with aminexil. Presented in a box of 10 doses of 6 ml, it promotes thanks to its active ingredients, the anchoring of the hair while stimulating the activity from the root

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