Haircuts to avoid on thick hair

Thick hair: beware of short cuts. If you like short haircuts, be aware that you will need to take some precautions. They are not always the most suitable for thick hair. Every day, styling will take a little time. You’ll have to learn to tame your volume and your rebellious locks! The use of styling products will also be essential. In any case, the in-between should be avoided: a short square could create an unattractive helmet effect.

It’s to be banished, unless you’re ready to straighten your hair.

on a daily basis, which is not recommended. Heat will tend to dehydrate the hair fibre and permanently damage it, thus accentuating the appearance of frizz. Boys’ cuts are preferable, even if they require a regular visit to the hairdresser. It is therefore a decision that must be considered, depending on your motivation.

Thick and curly hair: cuts to be banned

If you have thick, but also curly hair, you will need to be all the more careful with your cut. Take the time to choose a hairdresser you trust who will discipline your curls. Cuts that are too short should be avoided. They will tend to increase the volume. You may have trouble taming them on a daily basis! On the contrary, the weight of thick, overly long hair can loosen your curls. Don’t be afraid to cut a few centimetres to redefine them!

Straight cuts should also be avoided as they may give a flat effect to the roots. Prefer a slight gradient to distribute the volume. Geometric cuts should be banned, they will be too fixed for curly hair. While the plunging square is very trendy, it is also not at all suitable for thick and curly hair. You may end up with strands that are impossible to control.

Thick hair: avoid straight cuts

Thick hair can become a real asset. To highlight them, avoid at all costs cuts that are too straight and smooth. They may create a headphone effect without movement. The ideal is to opt for a cut that will allow you to lighten your hair in a harmonious way. We prefer slightly tapered tips, and a gradient. If you are a fan of the fringe, ask to de-thicken it slightly. A straight fringe that is too short and too thick could make your face heavier. A word of advice: focus on lightness!

It is chosen neither too long nor too short and the mass is reduced. Bowl style cuts and short, straight squares should be avoided. They will deprive you of the many hairstyles that can be achieved on long, thick hair. If you wear your long or mid-length hair, ask your hairdresser to shorten the strands that frame your face a little to lighten the overall look.

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