Dense hair and full of volume!

Beautiful hair often means shine and volume. However, even if they are healthy, volume, especially on long, thin hair, can be difficult to achieve. This is why it is interesting to know the right actions to take on a daily basis depending on the type of hair. In order to gain volume, it is preferable, for example, to choose lightweight products that remove the roots of the scalp well. This is why Kérastase Volumifiques treatments are regularly recommended.

  • Volumizing treatments by Kérastase
  • Kérastase laboratories by L’Oréal have developed a whole series of volumizing treatments for fine hair that is losing height.
  • The Volumifique Volumifique Cheap Bath Resistance Shampoo is the perfect emblem.

A soft bath perfectly adapted to the fine hair of the Kérastase Spécifique ranges, it uses cellulose for its amplifying effect, cationic polymers for targeted shine and Intra-Cylane technologies for a firmer fibre from the inside, and Texture Stylight for greater lightness. Applied several times a week, this shampoo restores texture to the hair without weighing it down.

In addition, always for fine hair without volume, Volumifique Resistance jelly boosts the roots and amplifies the texturizing and volumizing effect of Volumifique bath.

Just let it work for two or three minutes on your entire hair and you’ll notice it. Then rinse with fresh water for a spectacular result. Fans of natural volume will also appreciate Volumifique Leave-In Spray for flat hair. Thanks to its Vita-Cement technology, it rebuilds the fibre from the inside while its Stylight texture merges with the fibre to give it an unprecedented density and dimension.

Everything for dense, full-bodied hair

In addition to the systematic use of appropriate care, some small tips from hairdressers (and grandmothers) can help you gain the precious millimeters of volume you need.

First, every time you use your hair dryer set to a moderate temperature, warm or even cold air mode, do it upside down. This technique will remove the roots of the scalp and allow you to enjoy a beautiful volume at least for the whole day.

Be careful, however, not to forget to dry the tips well. Wet they weigh more and risk flattening the roots by dragging them down. Moreover, the longer the hair, the more visible this phenomenon is.

More technical but just as effective, the use of large curlers creates a perfect volume. The major disadvantage of this process is its installation time. Indeed, ideally, the rollers should be left in place overnight.

It is also often possible to use creping. This requires you to work on the hair with a comb from the ears to above the skull. However, be careful not to do this too often as this may create forks. Your hairdresser will be able to guide you towards a shorter or graded haircut that will create a greater density effect than a long and regular cut.

However, if you do not want to go through the cut box, follow our advice and offer your hair the quality of Volumifique products by Kérastase. Most of the time, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with it.

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