Cutting ideas for thick and voluminous hair

Bulky hair is rebellious and often requires real maintenance with regular straightening or blow-drying. Discover haircuts to highlight your face and hair density with best flat iron for thick frizzy hair, without necessarily going through the brush box on a daily basis.

Shortcut ideas for thick and voluminous hair

Thick hair tends to form an indomitable shortcut. However, it is possible to dare to cut extra short, with a gradient. The boy’s cut is timeless with tapered highlights on the neck, ears and forehead. Thick hair helps to maintain hair mass even on short hair. Ultra trendy and sharp, undercut creates asymmetry and deflates the capillary mass. Avoid the ball cut, which will not be adapted, regardless of the shape of the face.

Medium-long or long hairstyles on thick hair

Is the square recommended for thick and voluminous hair? This hairstyle is a sure bet, provided it is structured. A short square will tend to inflate and rise, which will not be advantageous for a long, round or square face. To keep volume, without overdoing it, the lengths can be degraded, in the jaw area. A fringe can add a plus to a hairstyle, in the form of a comma wick, curtain or tapered fringe. What about long hair? Thick hair should keep its length. With the weight of the hair, the volume will be slightly flattened. Unlike fine hair, it is recommended to taper to remove material from the hair mass. A tapered hairstyle is ideal for thinning hair and harmoniously reducing density.

Long cuts are perfect for thick hair. With weight, hair tends to swell less and looks thinner. With this in mind, long hair can do anything. You can leave your hair “natural”, or opt for a gradient. You also have the choice between leaving them smooth or curly. The trick is to thin the lower part of the hair at the neck and neck. To do this, the technique consists of tapering the lengths and tips. Care must be taken not to touch the top strands. Otherwise, it is a guarantee of being left with unruly ears of corn. To revitalize the hairstyle, you can shorten the contours of the face by never cutting above the ears. The good idea: make a fuse like Julia Roberts and her flamboyant red hair. You can also take inspiration from Nicole Kidman and her glamorous Venetian blond. It is also possible to do a mid-length hairstyle as long as it is done in a degraded version. The right mid-long is known not to be a success.

The complex case of the fringe

What about the fringe on thick hair? The fringe has the advantage of giving a boost to any haircut. Use the fringe if your hair is soft and rather smooth. For example, you can ask for a thin, tapered fringe on the tips and slightly rounded. With long hair, it is best to choose a long, tapered fringe. You can also bet on a curtain fringe. It is a wick separated in two and degraded to the cheekbones. There is also the babydoll fringe which is thick, smooth, straight and curved. It does not show any frizz. It’s up to you to decide according to your preferences and style!

Thick hair: yes to the degraded square

We can never repeat it enough…. The square is always a great idea! It has the advantage of being suitable for all styles of women but also for all hair types. In addition, the square is one of the trendy haircuts for Spring/Summer 2018. Many stars have succumbed to it, such as Marion Cotillard, Eva Longoria, Emma Stone and many others. You can take inspiration from Emilia Clark’s wavy square or Cara Delevingne’s long square. To be avoided: the square too short and clean just below the ears which tend to increase the volume. Yes, on the other hand, to the degraded square that starts at the jaws or possibly in the middle of the neck depending on the length. If you want a long square, the trick is to ask for it graded or tapered on the tips to avoid the “helmet” effect. A key word: fluidity! If your hair is curly or wavy, feel free to accentuate the tapering to give it a trendy, tousled styled look.

The best short cuts for thick hair

When you have thick hair, it’s hard to bet on a short cut. It is essential to choose the right hairstyle to avoid having too much volume. Among the cuts to avoid, there is the bowl cut, the short square very deep and all the “ball” hairstyles in general. The ideal: opt for a very short cut or a boyish cut that is degraded on the ears and particularly feminine. Ideally, you should visit your hairdresser every three weeks. On a daily basis, it is essential to comb your hair using an appropriate product, such as a texturizing cream, wax or mousse.

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